On June 14, 2007 a memorial plaque was placed at the Franklin Community Center which is at the location of the Union Hall.  The Amazon Army marched on this site.   Linda Knoll who wrote and directed the original performance play "Army of Amazons - An Oral History of Southeast Kansas" and her cast were on hand for the dedication.     Phyllis Bitner, Chairman of the Heritage Committee of Franklin Community Council, Inc. spoke of the history and inspiration of these courageous women.  

Dedication Service: 

’s motto “The Spirit Remains” is a reflection of the courage and determination of the early pioneers who settled in this small community.    Just as today’s pioneers struggle with today’s adversities so have past generations.   The women referenced in this plaque are an example of the spirit that continues to dwell in the hearts of those living here today.

These early immigrants became known as the Amazon Army.  We can only imagine what was in their hearts and minds as they marched carrying their loved ones’ miner’s buckets filled with red pepper.  In Mary Skubitz’s journal she remembers “there was absolutely no fear in these women’s hearts”.   

These European immigrants are an inspiration to us and to future generations.  It gives us the strength and courage to face adversity and to see that the tasks presented to us can be accomplished.    It has inspired the countless volunteers who are working so hard to see that this community is rebuilt.  Just as these women marched for a better future for their families the residents of today have silently marched in their own way to ensure a better future for their children and grandchildren.

We can only imagine what
Franklin will look like in the next 100 years or the challenges that the community will face.   However, the future appears bright and there is satisfaction in knowing this day of remembrance and reflection is a fitting tribute to the women who became known as the Amazon Army.    

We would like to thank Linda Knoll who has brought their story to life.   Through her dedication the rich legacy of the
Kansas mining immigrants will continue to inspire and teach.  We appreciate the time and talent the cast and crew have given to bring this quality production to the community where it all began.    There are many others who have spent countless hours in the production and we thank all of them.  

We dedicate this sign to those who have made
Franklin their home throughout the years and especially the women who had the courage to fight for their rights.     

Over 80 years ago the Amazon Army took a stand.  Their spirit overcame the hardships they faced.     --- The spirit of
Franklin remains!!!!

Morning Sun News Article

If you have photos, stories to add or can identify anyone please send me an e-mail. All original photos will be returned.   Also if you have any artifacts that relate to the Amazon Army please consider donating them so they will be saved for future generations and will be displayed in a safe and secure location.
Amazon Army