March, 2007

May, 2007
March 1, 2008

March 1, 2008 Bargain Bazaar
Join us March 1 for our annual Bargain Bazaar (Rummage Sale) and chili feed. 
  It will be well worth the trip to the area.   Last year people lined up outside at 6:30 waiting for a chance to be first in the doors.  
 Be sure to make stop at the Franklin Community Center as we will have a large selection of new and used items. 
Many local residents and "Friends of Franklin" have already contacted us to donate their items for our sale.   This is going to be a huge sale. 
We have recieved many, many new items.   Chili will be available on a carryout basis also. 
If you have items you would like to donate please call the center (620-347-4220). Arrangements can be made for delivery or pick up of the items.

May, 2007 Bargain Bazaar and Lunch

  Many visitors came to the Franklin Community Center and found a large selection of new and used items. 
Many local residents and "Friends of Franklin"  donated their items for our sale.   A follow up sale was held July 21 to sell a few remaining items.

July 21

July 21

  March, 2007 Bargain Bazaar & Chili Feed

The March, 2007 Bargain Bazaar and Chili Feed was a huge success. At 6:30 am shoppers were staged at the front door.  The parking lot was full.  It was reminiscent of shopping the day after Thanksgiving.    The weather was cold but it didn't deter the shoppers excitement.   At 7 am the doors opened and the Franklin Community Center was flooded with shoppers.   Coffee and donuts were ready for the early birds.   Some bargain hunters came early and filled their car with new-found treasures then came back later to shop again and enjoy lunch.   Men of the community were available to help with carrying purchases out to the cars.   75 pounds of meat had been used to prepare the chili with serving to begin at 11.  By noon the first batch of chili was gone and another pot was being prepared.  FCCI is very grateful to Leroy and Ann Younger for their work in preparing the chili for the shoppers.  Everyone enjoyed the wide variety of merchandise and asked when the next sale would be held.    FCCI will be hosting another event on May 5 in conjuction with the Franklin and Arma citywide sales.   Many residents and friends of Franklin have already indicated they will be donating more merchandise for the sale.  All proceeds go toward the rebuilding of the community and everyone has been very generous in donating items to this very worthy cause.  Many items still new and with tags were available for sale.  
Many volunteers worked very hard for weeks in preparation for this event.  The community spirit is still alive and well in Franklin, Kansas.

HUGE Community Rummage Sale & Chili Feed
Date:  Saturday, March 3, 2007
Location:  Franklin Community Center, 7th & Broadway, Franklin, Ks.
Hours:   7 am - 4 pm
Donations of items accepted until Thursday, March 1 at 4 pm.   Call Marion at 620-347-8444 or Gay at 620-347-4305
Help us with this fund raising project
Shop with us on the 3rd for lots of bargains
Come out for the chili feed or take home a quart

Items already donated include 42" big screen TV, tools, toys, clothing, kitchenware,
small appliances, antiques, books, CDs, VHS tapes and much more.

June 24, 2006

The first annual bargain bazaar was held June 24, 2006 at the Franklin Community Park.    Shoppers came early and the day was a huge success.   Items for sale included antiques, tools, lawn mowers, microwaves, small appliances, nik-naks, clothing, diecast, model cars, toys, furniture,  clocks, bicycles, storm windows, kitchenware, floor lamps, table lamps, lavatories, building supplies, exercise equipment, holiday decorations, CDs, books, computer programs, computers & accessories and many more items too numerous to mention.  Lunch and drinks were available.  Proceeds from the sale went directly on the debt remaining for the new community center constructed.   Shoppers enjoyed the day so much they asked that they be notified of our next event.  

HUGE Community Rummage Sale
Date:  Saturday, June 24, 2006
Location:  Franklin Community Park
Hours:   7 am - 4 pm
Donations of items accepted until Friday, June 23 at 4 pm Call Marion at 347-8444 or Gay at 347-4305
Help us with this fund raising project
Shop with us on the 24th for lots of bargains - Lunch & drinks available

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