Spring Arrives Early
Through a very generous anonymous donation by a Franklin resident who has been a huge supporter of Franklin Community Council, Inc.  the balance has been paid on the community center.   We appreciate the support everyone has shown to our organization.  

Through this generosity we are now able to move forward with other projects that will benefit the community.  We are truly appreciative of this wonderful gift to the community.   Being a truly Great American it was asked that no recognition be given.    The gift was truly a “gift from the heart”. 
See photos of our old fashioned "mortgage burning party".

We are dedicated to ensuring a bright future for the residents of Franklin, Kansas as well as providing programs that will benefit the entire area of Southeast Kansas.  

We pledge to continue our rebuiding and recovery efforts and look forward to beginning Phase II of our projects. Please continue to support our efforts as we move ahead with our plans for rebuilding and restoring Franklin to the wonderful community it once was.

A special THANK YOU to the Pritchett Foundation, Pittsburg, Kansas for their sizeable donations towards building a community park in Franklin.  With their support children and families will have a safe place to meet and play. 
We can never thank everyone who has helped us with the rebuilding and continued growth of our community.  We were amazed at those who came to us in our time and need to help with a variety of projects and continue to support us as we rebuild.   

A very special THANK YOU to the following people who inspired us and encouraged us:
Mr. Paul Newman, noted actor and director, for his sizeable donation to our fund.  This donation helped us purchase and place a much needed storm siren in the community.  Prior to the tornado there was none. This will ensure the safety of our residents in the future.  His kindness, caring spirit and generosity are very much appreciated.     

Joan Hornig, well known New York jewelry designer, is lending a helping hand to Franklin, Kansas.  During 2003 Joan developed a way to combine her passion for jewelry, education and philanthropy through the creation of the Joan B. Hornig Foundation.  With the help of Bergdorf Goodman, the first outlet to carry her jewelry line, Joan was able to institute a program whereby she donates 100% of the profits of all of her sales to educational initiatives introduced to her through the Bergdorf clientele.  

Hornig’s jewelry—18-karat green and white gold, netted with tourmalines, garnets, amethysts, and topaz—sparkles in display cases at high-end retailers like Bergdorf Goodman and Neiman Marcus. She likens the sale of every necklace or bracelet to a challenge grant. “I give my customers something they want—jewelry—and the next step is to give them a chance to see what they can do for others.”   Those who select an original Joan Hornig design will derive pleasure from the jewelry along with the knowledge that they are helping to make a difference. 

 She designed a bracelet and necklace to be auctioned at our Centennial Celebration.  She donated the bracelet and 18 necklaces which are proudly worn by area women who were able to place the high bid at auction.  Everyone received information about her program.

We recommend everyone visit her website and learn about her program.
If you would like to contribute to help with our rebuilding, our current and future programs please send your donation to the following. (checks should be made payable to "FCCI").  There are projects in the planning stages as well as on-going expenses.  We provide services and programs that benefit seniors, underprivileged families, families in need and youth as well as the general well being of the area.   We bring health services, government, school and non-profit activities to the Community Center which benefits the entire region.

Franklin Community Council, Inc. 
P. O. Box 43
Franklin, Ks. 66735-0043

We would also like to thank everyone from all over the country who have purchased t-shirts and hat/lapel pins.   While their names are not listed on this page we are especially grateful for all of their support.   The proceeds from those sales went entirely to the Disaster Fund.  

We would also like to thank everyone who has helped in any way with the cleanup effort and any other projects.  It is never possible to name everyone but we want to acknowledge our appreciation for all the hours of volunteerism that have gone into the rebuilding of Franklin.   We are most grateful. 

Read about support from the following organizations.
 Kansas Humanities Council

Community Foundation of Southeast Kansas

Pritchett Foundation

Kanas Preservation Alliance, Inc.

Centennial Donations
 (Corporate & Activity Sponsors are on the Centennial Page)
Academy Sports & Outdoors, Joplin, Mo.
Access Medical, Eric Bitner, Pittsburg, Ks.
Accu Optical, John Niegsch, Pittsburg,Ks.
Ace Hardware, Pittsburg, Ks.
Allure Salon & Spa, Julie Parsons, Pittsburg, Ks.
Applebees, Pittsburg,Ks.
Arma American Legion, Arma, Ks.
Arma Market, Arma, Ks.
Bath Naylor Funeral Home, Joe Naylor, Pittsburg, Ks.
Benellis Jewelry, Pittsburg, Ks.
Blue Ribbon Farm & Home, Dane & Linda Shultz, Pittsburg, Ks.
Bob's Grill, Pittsburg, Ks.
The Book Exchange, Pittsburg, Ks.
Bowlus School Supply, Pittsburg, Ks.
Broadway Chiropractic, Dr. Voss, Pittsburg, Ks.
Broadway Lumber, Byron Deill, Pittsburg, Ks.
Broadway Productions, Betty Urich, Pittsburg, Ks.
C & S Cleaners, Sherry Berndt, Pittsburg,Ks.
Caylx, Lisa Gilmore, Pittsburg,Ks.
Celebrations by Lori, Lori Horton, Pittsburg, Ks.
Chili's, Pittsburg, Ks. 
Citizens Bank, N.A., Pitsburg, Ks.
Comfort Inn, Pittsburg, Ks.
Curbside BBQ & Coneys, Pittsburg, Ks.
Cut n' Class, Becky Robinson, Pittsburg,Ks.
Den's Barber Shop, Pittsburg, Ks.
Dink's Red Barn, Franklin, Ks.
Dollar General, Pittsburg,Ks.
Exotic Rays tanning
Family Video, Pittsburg,Ks.
First Federal, Pittsburg, Ks.
Goody's, Pittsburg, Ks.
Harry's Cafe, Pittsburg, Ks.
Hastings, Pittsburg,Ks.
Holiday Lanes,Pittsburg, Ks.
The Home Place, Pittsburg, Ks.
In the Garden, Pittsburg, Ks.
Janelle's Cut & Tan
J B Sports Bar & Grill, Pittsburg, Ks.
Jocks Nitch, Phil Minton, Pittsburg,Ks.
John's Sports Center, Pittsburg, Ks.
Kansasland Tire, Travis Berger,Pittsburg, Ks.
Kansas Teacher's Credit Union, Pittsburg, Ks.
King's Automotive, Bob & Nina,  Pittsburg, Ks.
Little's, Patrick O'Bryan, Pittsburg,Ks.
Long John Silvers, Pittsburg, Ks.
Lotus Chinese Retaurant, Pittsburg, Ks.
Malibu Tanning,
Pittsburg, Ks
Mall Deli, Jim Martino, Pittsburg, Ks.
Malle Service, Dennis Malle, Pittsburg, Ks.
The Matadore Co., Tom Kellogg, Pittsburg, Ks.
Maurice's, Meadowbrook Mall, Pittsburg, Ks.
Mazzio's Pizza, Donna Hickman, Pittsburg, Ks.
McDonalds, Pittsburg, Ks.
Merle Norman Studios, Carol Best,Pittsburg,Ks.
Niegsch Optical, Dr. Paul Niegsch,Pittsburg,Ks.
Neptune Auto, Jeff Lovell, Pittsburg,Ks.
Occasions, Pittsburg, Ks.
O'Reilly's Automotive, Pittsburg, Ks.
Otto's Cafe, Steve Johnson,  Pittsburg, Ks.
Papa John's Pizza, Pittsburg,Ks.
Paradise Mall,
Pittsburg, Ks. 
J.C. Penney, Meadowbrook Mall, Pittsburg, Ks.
Pittsburg Art Supply, Rachael Patterson, Pittsburg, Ks.
Pittsburg Auto & Glass, Brian Renn, Pittsburg,Ks.
Pizza Hut (south location), Pittsburg,Ks. 
S & I Memorials, Pittsburg, Ks.
Glenn O. Scott
Scrapbook Dreamer, Pittsburg, Ks.
Jennifer Smith, D.C., Pittsburg,Ks.
Stage, Meadowbrook Mall, Pittsburg, Ks.
Starbucks, Pittsburg, Ks.
State Farm Insurance, Rex Garner, Pittsburg,Ks.
Studio One, Mark Fincher, Pittsburg, Ks.
Sutherlands, Frontenac, Ks.
Sweet Greens, Lesia McLeod, Pittsburg, Ks.
Taco Bell, Pittsburg, Ks.
Treasured Images, Don & Linda Runyon, Pittsburg, Ks.
Tyrell's, Scott & Mary Ann Tyrell, Pittsburg, Ks.
Vietti's Auto Body, Mike Vietti, Pittsburg, Ks.
Wal-Mart, Pittsburg, Ks.
Wheat State Pizza, David McDonald, Pittsburg, Ks.
Wilbert Screen Printing, Pittsburg, Ks.
Wiseman’s Tire, Pittsburg, Ks. 
Zach's, Pittsburg, Ks.

Debt Reduction Fund Donations
(Read about our fund raising campaign)

$1,000+  Donors
In Memory of Frank and Anna (Cvelbar) Lipasek, Marietta, Ga.
Robert Luth & Wilma Hamilton, Mulberry,  Ks.
Miller Family Foundation, Pittsburg,Ks.
$1,000 Donors
Commerce Bank (Wendell Wilkinson, President), Pittsburg, Ks.
George & Earleen Fauvergue, Carl Junction, Mo.
Rick Scholes, Scholes Refrigeration, Heating & A/C, Girard, Ks.

Miscellaneous Donations
Frank & Frances Ales, Arma, Ks.
Josephine (Strukel) Arabia, Frontenac, Ks.
B & N Books, Nanette Krumsick & Betty (Ales) Devoss, Frontenac, Ks.
In Memory of Mary (Ales) Belmonte-  Ales family
Dorothy Bertoncino, Arma, Ks.
Scotty & Phyllis (Liposek) Bitner, Arma, Ks.
Charles Blatchley, Pittsburg,Ks.
In Memory of John Chelesnik, Franklin, Ks.
Ann (Kobak) Cox, Leroy, Al.
In Memory of Mary (Ponce) Cukjati, Arma, Ks.
Barry & Joyce Draper, Pittsburg, Ks.
In Memory of Alice Ellis
Nancy Fletcher, Arma, Ks.
Jason & Carolyn Johnson, Liberal, Mo.
Frank & Marie Kobak, Minneapolis, Mn.
Carol McDaniel, Joplin, Mo.
Joan Miller, Pittsburg, Ks. 
Paul & Doris Morlock, Franklin, Ks.
Jack & Doris Overman, Pittsburg, Ks.
P.E.O. Chapter AQ, Pittsburg, Ks.
Marilyn Peterson, Pittsburg, Ks.
Joe & Susan Polhlopek, Franklin, Ks.
Red Hat Gals, Crawford County, Ks.
In Memory of Dorothy (Karlinger) Smardo - Smardo family
In Memory of Dorothy (Karlinger) Smardo - Margaret Kennedy
Elizabeth Strukel, Girard, Ks.
In Memory of Mary (Biederman) Sullivan
Sam & Diane Umphenour, Pittsburg, Ks.
Charles & Kaye Lynn Webb, Pittsburg, Ks.
Josephine (Moutz) Widmar, Franklin, Ks.
LeRoy & Ann Younger, Franklin, Ks.
Tony & Ruth Zemlock, Pumpkin Center,  Ks.

(Read about the endowment fund)
(List to be updated soon!)

Frank H. Ales   (2007)

Henry Ashbacher  (2005)

Mary (Ponce) Cukjati  (2006)

John & Mary Folker  (2007)

John Houck  (2007)

Joseph Keller   (2005)

Don Kranker  (2005)

Frank & Anna (Cvelbar) Lipasek  (2006)

Lipovsek Family (2005)

Filip & Johanna (Franketi) Lipovsek  (2006)

Robert E. Luth  (2005)

Eva Palango  (2005)

Joe & Susan Polhlopek  (2006)

Frank Pristave (2005)

Marie (Newbery) Shadix (2006)

Jennie (Lampe) Strukel  (2006)

Mary (Biederman) Sullivan (2006)

The following donations were made to the general fund unless specified otherwise.
Accent Dental, Dr. Daniel N. Minnis,  Pittsburg, Ks.
Air Gas, Pittsburg, Ks.
All-Quip Rental
, Pittsburg, Ks.
All Star Striping, Dan & Kim Stokes, Houston, Tx
American Concrete, Pittsburg,Ks.
Arma Bakery, Arma, Ks.
Arma Drug, Inc. (Sam & Joan Barbieri), Arma, Ks.
Arma Laundromat & Car Wash (John & Bea Martel), Arma, Ks.
As Seen on TV and more,
Ashbacher Construction,
Franklin, Ks.
Don and Freda Badart Construcion, Inc., Pittsburg,Ks.
Barto's Enterprises, Frontenac, Ks.
Bedene Funeral Home,  Barry Bedene, Arma, Ks.
Bernie's Welding, Inc.,
  Arma, Ks
Broderbund  Software, Novato, Ca.
Castagno Oil Co., Pittsburg, Ks.
Chicken Annie's Original
, Pittsburg, Ks.
Michael E. Clark, DDS, Frontenac, Ks.
Country Gardens Photography, Kim Youvan, Frontenac, Ks.
Countryside Dentistry P.A., Frontenac, Ks.
Crawford County Abstract, Pittsburg & Girard, Ks. (David Saia)
Delange Seed, Girard, Ks.  (Howard & Carla Delange)
Dillon's Grocery, Pittsburg, Ks.
Dobrauc Oil Company, Inc., (William Dobrauc), Frontenac, Ks.
Eagle Beverage Corporation, Frontenac, Ks.
Evans Motors, Girard, Ks.
Don Fleury Surveying
, Pittsburg, Ks.
Fox Insurance, Arma, Ks.
Gebhardt's Chicken Dinners, Mulberry, Ks.
Girard National Bank, Girard, Ks.
Harold A. Houck, Fisher, Canavaugh, Smith & Lemon P.A., Topeka, Ks.
Robert S. Huebner, M.D., Pittsburg, Ks.
Jensen Swing Product Inc., Santee, Ca.
Joplin Building Material Co., Joplin, Mo.
Kenny's Hardware
, Arma, Ks.
Kumer Lumber, Arma, Ks.
Marrones, Pittsburg, Ks.
Payne's Inc., Frontenac, Ks.
Dr. Gina Pinamonti, Pittsburg, Ks.
Lapel Pinz, Las Vegas, Nv.
Madl Hair Design, Girard, Ks.
Marrones, Pittsburg, Ks.
Midwest Signs, Becky Hunt, Pittsburg, Ks.
Moore's Furniture, Frontenac, Ks.
National Mini Storage, (Larry Vanderhoofven), Pittsburg, Ks.
Dr. Rodney Odgers, Pittsburg, Ks.
Parkview Housing, Inc., Pittsburg, Ks.
Pitt Plastics, Pittsburg, Ks.
Pitsburg Steel & Mfg. Co., Inc., Pittsburg, Ks.
Polchlopek Electric, Joe Polchlopek
The Pro Shop, Pittsburg, Ks.
Quality Floor Coverings, Roland Dalrymple, Pittsburg,Ks.
Jim Radell Construction,  Pittsburg, Ks.
Dr. R. James Rhodes, Jr., Pittsburg, Ks.
Roto-Rooter, Pittsburg, Ks.
David Russell, D.D.S., Pittsburg, Ks.
Sam's Club, Joplin, Mo.
Schreiner's Iris Gardens
Salem, Or.
Schroeder's Butchering,
Arma, Ks.
Scotty's Classic Cars, Arma, Ks.
Sears, (Rick Dimon), Pittsburg, Ks.
Shepherd Team Auto Plaza, Fort Scott, Ks.
Signs and Designs,
Gary Lofts, Arma, Ks.
Southeast Kansas Surgical Group
, Pittsburg, Ks.
Spicer-Adams Welding,  Pittsburg, Ks.
Sutherlands Lumber Company, Frontenac, Ks.
TerraServer,  Raleigh, NC
Timz Bar, (Tim Foxwell),Arma, Ks.
Twister Chasers, Kathryn Piotrowski, Owasso, OK
Unique Metal Fabrications, Inc., Pittsburg, Ks.
University National Bank, Arma, Ks.
Wal-Mart, Ft. Scott, Ks.
Wal-Mart, Pittsburg, Ks.
Wheeler & Mitchelson, Kevin Mitchelson, Pittsburg, Ks.
Wilbert Screen Printing, Pittsburg, Ks.
 Wilbert Storage, Franklin, Ks.
American Legion Auxiliary, Arma, Ks.
American Legion Auxiliary #43, Frontenac, Ks.
Catholic Diocese of Wichita, Wichita, Ks. Chicopee Foundation, Chicopee, Ks.
Commerce Bank Foundation, Pittsburg, Ks.
Community Foundation of Southeast Kansas, Pittsburg, Ks.
Fraternal Order of Eagles Auxiliary  
Kansas Explorers Club,   Inman, Ks.
New Life Baptist Church, Franklin, Ks.
Sacred Heart Catholic Church, Frontenac, Ks.
Sacred Heart Altar Society, Frontenac, Ks.
St. Ann Altar Society, Arma, Ks.
Victory Life Center, Pittsburg, Ks.
Zion Lutheran Church, Pittsburg, Ks.

USDA-Rural Development
Frank & Frances Ales,  Arma, Ks 
Ray & Sandy Hamblin, Franklin, Ks.
Dorothy Smardo, Franklin, Ks.
Tom Moody & Gloria Williamson on behalf of
             Royal Neighbors of America, Rock Island, Il.
Kathryn Piotrowski, Twister Chasers, Owasso, Ok.
Paul Newman,  Westport, Ct.

Dr. Talaat Yaghmour, Pittsburg, Ks.


Tom Ales:  by John and Kathy Miller, Olathe, Ks.

Don Kranker:
  by Kranker family

Lipovsek Family, Settled in Franklin 1907

Josephine Maghe: 
by Arma American Legion Auxiiliary, Arma, Ks.

Jacob Podpechan Family: by Granddaughter Polona Straus Filpi

Mathilda Podpechan (01/10/24-08/20/00): by Mary Podpechan Straus & Polona Filpi

Wilma Podpechan Prosence (7/5/12-12/13/03):
by Wilma Prosence & Polona Filpi

Eddie & Marie Thornton:  by James & Mary Lynn Thornton,  Fort Worth, Texas

Tom Ales Family, Arma, Ks.
Henry Ashbacher, Franklin, Ks.
Mary Bellamy, Franklin Ks.
Ray Brecheisen/The Morning Sun, Pittsburg, Ks.
JoAnn (Trybalski) Burger
C. Cottrell/The Morning Sun, Pittsburg, Ks.
Country Gardens Photography, Kim Youvan, Frontenac, Ks.
Joe Cukjati, Franklin, Ks.
Chester "Clark" Fikes, Pittsburg,Ks.
Polona Filpi, Park Ridge, Il.
Mike Gullett/The Associated Press
Nate Hopper
Frances Femec Kacsan
Margaret Kennedy, Franklin, Ks.
Leo & Marion Kobak, Franklin, Ks.
Amy Korczoski
Don Kranker, Franklin, Ks.
Norine Laird, Franklin, Ks.
Betty Kissee Lawson,
Bobby McDaniel, Franklin, Ks.
Frances O'Blak, Franklin, Ks.
Jerry & Candy (Toschi) Pitts, Franklin, Ks.
Podpechan Family, Park Ridge, Il.
William Powell, Pittsburg, Ks.
Mary L. Rago, Darien, Il.
Wally & Betty Rons, Arma, Ks.
John Sarley Family, Frontenac, Ks.
Special Collections Library at Pittsburg State University,
Pittsburg, Ks.
Craig Stokes, Franklin, Ks.
Olive L. Sullivan/ The Morning Sun, Pittsburg, Ks.
Mary Ann (Lepoglow) Tims, Arma, Ks.
Nick & Vick Vignatelli Descendants
Tony & Ruth Zemlock, Arma, Ks.

Howard & Eltha Aldridge, Fairport, N.Y.
Brandon & Melissa Andrews, Arma, Ks.
Bicknell Family Foundation, Pittsburg, Ks.
Scotty & Phyllis Bitner, Arma, Ks.
Helen Bogatay, Franklin, Ks.
Mike & Winona Brennon, Arma, Ks.
Frank Cecil,  Dodge City, Ks.
Wesley & Ellen Cobb,  Pittsburg, Ks.
H. Richard Coleman, Pittsburg, Ks.
Joe and Marilyn Cukjati, Franklin, Ks.
Betty (Ales) Devoss, Frontenac, Ks.
Leonard & Elizabeth Doering, Glen Ellyn, Il.
Charles Elegante, Jr.
Alice Ellis, Arma, Ks.
Tim Foxwell, Franklin, Ks.
David & Alice Friskel, Frontenac, Ks.
Dr. Joseph & Stella Galichia,  Wichita, Ks
Carl Goodwin, Franklin, Ks.
Pat Hagherty
Ray & Sandy Hamblin, Franklin, Ks.
Bill Hernadez, Florida
Don & Mary Ellen Highfield, Girard, Ks.
Pat Hobbs, Geneva, Ne.
John & Mary Ann Houck, Franklin, Ks.
George James, Franklin, Ks.
Lorene Joynson, Peachtree City, Ga.
Norine Laird, Franklin, Ks.
Don & Mary Lipasek, Franklin, Ks.
Nancy Logiudici, Arma, Ks.
Jerry P. & Anna M. Lomshek
Greg & Victoria Maciulski, Ventura, CA
Frances Maxwell, Bridgeview, Il.
Stuart (Butch) & Veda (Vilet) Maxwell, Franklin, Ks.
Billie & Gene McCloud, Shreveport, La.
Joe and Marie Meserko, Kansas City, Ks
John & Kathy Miller
Miller Family Foundation, Inc., Richard Miller, Pittsburg, Ks.
Eleanor Modderman
Lillian Morie, Arma, Ks.
Joseph Mullen
Allen Napier, Franklin, Ks.
Patricia E. Nelson,  Kansas City, Mo
John Nepote,  Frontenac, Ks.
Paul Newman,  Westport, Ct.
Frank Petnik, Whitehall, Montana
Ron & JoAnn Pfeiffer, Leavenworth, Ks.
Jerry & Candy Pitts, Franklin, Ks.
Roseann Podpechan, Park Ridge, Il, (Franklin resident born 07/23/1908)
Pritchett Foundation, Pittsburg, Ks.
Adele Quier
Rick Ryder
Marilyn & John Sarley, Frontenac, Ks
Flora Scherff, Topeka, Ks.
Mark & Debbie Schroeder, Arma, Ks.
Kelly Seaman, Columbus, Ks.
Anna Setina, Leavenworth, Ks.
Michael Sisk
Clementine Stafford
Craig & Brenda Stokes, Franklin, Ks.
Mary Podpechan Straus, Park Ridge, Il, (born in Franklin 10/17/1910)
Elizabeth Strukel, Girard, Ks.
Pat Terlip
Mary & J. Earl Vilet
Roger and Irene Vinz, Lake Marion, Il.
Joan F. Watkins
Gene Wayenberg
Jerry & Tammy Wayman, Franklin, Ks.
Charles & Kaye Webb,  Pittsburg, Ks.
Kelly Whetzell, Franklin, Ks.
Ron Wilbert, Pittsburg, Ks.
Judy L. Young, Wichita, Ks.
Lena Zarichelli
Anton & Ruth Zemlock, Arma, Ks.
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