Community Center Grand Opening
November 6,  2005

Congressman Jim Ryun
2nd District of the State of Kansas

  Congratulations to all of you. This is really about you and what you’ve done in a very difficult tragedy. I recall coming down shortly after the event happened.  The houses - everything was destroyed.  It was truly one of those moments as I walked down the streets- a moment in time you can’t really believe it happened.

Yet what I was seeing was people coming together and helping each other, picking up debris, handing out water, or helping in some way, or praying that nothing else would happen, that no one would get hurt as they continued to work through the debris.

 I just simply want to say that you are a resilient community, you have chosen to overcome adversity.  Often when you have these sorts of trials it’s difficult to understand God’s purpose but on the other hand you have responded in such a way that’s it a tribute to everyone coming together.  My congratulations to all of and thank you for letting us be a small part of it.   This is really all about you and what a community can do when it decides to instead of letting adversity get you down - overcoming it.  Congratulations and God Bless You all.    ---Congressman Jim Ryun

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