Community Center Grand Opening
November 6,  2005

Dedication Speech


We would like to welcome our friends and neighbors to this very special event.  We are very proud of our new facility. I am Ted Wynn, Chairman of the Community Center committee.  I’d like to take a moment to ask God’s blessing on all those with us today and upon all those who have had a hand in bringing this facility to a reality.

The community center building committee, along with many volunteers, worked countless hours to see this project through to completion.

Joe Cukjati chaired this committee and Henry Ashbacher and Norine Laird served with him.  Would you three please stand?  We owe them a great debt of gratitude and round of applause.

The Community Center Committee will work with all of you in seeing that this facility is used to it’s full potential.  Let me introduce our committee.  Please stand: Margaret Kennedy, Norine Laird, Veda Maxwell, Tammy Wayman, Alice Baldwin, Frances O’Blak and Dianna Morrison.

Dianna is our Community Center Manager.  She will work with those wanting to use the facility, as well as managing routine operations of the center.

Our entire committee will be available throughout the afternoon to answer any questions you may have or to assist you with reserving the center.

Our goal is for this community center to be the location of many happy celebrations that will create wonderful family memories.  For years the community hall was the center of family reunions, birthday parties, holiday celebrations, lodge meetings, church activities, funeral meals, and much more. We hope to continue that tradition.  We have plans to offer activities for seniors and youth, which we hope will become monthly events.

The dream to have the community center back has been fulfilled.  Through dedication, commitment and hard work this center was built.  If we had the entire afternoon we could possibly name each and every person who contributed to the success of this project, but we felt that was not possible.

Each of you who worked in any way toward seeing this building become a reality did so because of a caring heart.  We know that those who donated time, money or talent, did not do so for recognition.  It was your kindness and caring that helped the community recover from a horrible disaster. 

This center will be the focal point of the community for generations to come.  When we speak of community, we do not speak only of “Franklin”.  Our community extends far beyond the boundaries of Franklin.  That is evidenced by the generous outpouring of compassion from all of our friends and neighbors.

Governor Sebelius was unable to attend today due to previous commitments, but she sent a letter which I’d like to read.  (Read Governor Sebelius' letter)

Senator Brownback was also unable to attend this grand opening event and also sent a letter which I will now read. (Read Senator Brownback's letter)

We are honored to have with us Congressman Jim Ryun of the 2nd District of the State of Kansas.  Congressman, we’d like to formally welcome you and ask you to say a few words. ---- Thank you Congressman Ryun. Your support is greatly appreciated.

Our next guest is Chuck Banks, USDA representative.  Please make him welcome and then he will speak to us.------Thank you Mr. Banks.  We deeply appreciate the support your agency has given to our community.

We spent a great deal of time discussing how to honor, or even mention, all those involved in this building and our entire rebuilding process, but found that, indeed, time would not permit us to do so.

If we start with the architect, the contractor, the government agencies and representatives, those who contributed time, talent and resources, our list would be several pages long.  Those who were part of this in any way carry with them the satisfaction of “A Job Well Done”.  They did so out of the goodness of their hearts.  This is what makes “Community” work - selfless sacrifices. Your names are forever engraved on our hearts.

This is truly a community building; 
You built it with your support through donations of time, talents and treasures.
You built it with generous personal donations and sacrifice.
You built it with your ideas and your shared vision.
You built it by not quitting when obstacles blocked your path and weaker, less committed people would have abandoned the effort.
You built it with your passion that this community center would help heal the wounds from the devastating natural disaster that fell upon this community.
You built it when you dared to dream of this glorious day.
You built it with your love, with your heart and soul.
You built a building that causes the spirit to soar;  a building that enthralls all who enter.  This is truly a “Community” building.

Therefore, WE DEDICATE THIS CENTER to those who have made Franklin their home through the years and to those who were directly affected by the tornado of May 4, 2003. 
We dedicate this to the angels without halos or wings who carried us on their shoulders to see this project through, and to our loving God, who has wonderfully blessed this community.
Thank you for coming.                                     

                                                                                                                  The Spirit of Franklin Remains.....

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