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2011:  Project completed!!

March 13, 2008  Legal notice appeared in Morning Sun  Regarding "Resolution No. 97-164 (A resolution establishing Crawford County Sewer District Number 3 and naming the Crawford County Commission as the governing body of Crawford County Sewer District #3)

February 23, 2008:  Commissioners switch focus to Franklin sewer By Matthew Clark | THE MORNING SUN

GIRARD — With one county sewer project, for the most part, dead in the water, the Crawford County Commission turned its attention to another.   On Friday, commissioners discussed the upcoming Franklin sewer project.

Franklin Community Council president Craig Stokes asked the Commission about allocating funds that were meant for the Sewer District No. 5 (Radley/South Radley) project to Franklin.  "I think a letter of support would be a good thing for the project," Stokes said. "This is a project that will help keep the communities together."  

Commissioners were just two days removed from electing to halt the Sewer District No. 5 project after a special hearing on Wednesday. "We have learned some valuable lessons and we want to know just who is for it and who is against it," said Commissioner Ralph McGeorge. 

Stokes said that it is the Community Council's intent to keep their community informed of the progress of the project.   "We discussed it at our meeting in January and we keep updates in our newsletter," Stokes said..  County Counselor Jim Emerson said that of the 176 easements needed for the Franklin project, there were just 25 that were left to obtain.   "In talking with Kramer Engineering, they are needed and there is no way to draw around it," Emerson said. 

Commissioners did not seem to have a problem with issuing a letter of support to be sent to the U.S. Department of Agriculture's Rural Development division.   "To help keep that money in Crawford County, we would be crazy not to," said Commissioner Tom Moody.  

Unlike Sewer District No. 5, Stokes said that there was no intention on seeking and immediate end to the project.   <>"Dissolving our district is not an option at this point," Stokes said. "As time goes on it will help other areas and we have to work together."    Commissioners decided to give their letter of support and to also give permission for condemnation proceedings to occur if the remaining 25 easements are not negotiated and obtained.  

"We are going to keep moving on with the project and keep everyone informed," Stokes said.    

August, 2004:  The sewer project is in the final design stages!  Kramer engineers have been completing the surveys for the new sewer lines.  They have been working on them for the last two weeks around the community.  They have started on the plans.  The final plans should be done by the end of September and then they will be sent to Rural Development for approval.  Construction should start hopefully start in the spring.
Larkin Group will be completing the final plans for the infrastructure improvement project.  The final plans will them be sent to the Kansas Dept of Health and Environment and the grant administrator for approval.  We will be getting a list of contractors.  That will allow them to send bid packets out for the project.  We will try and keep all work local.  Estimated time for approval from state KDHE us 4 weeks.

July, 2004:  Our sewer is slow but steady. The County is working on the easements readying it for the future work. We are all excited about the sewer. The sewer will enhance our community a lot.

May, 2004:  Funds to construct a sanitary sewer system of $1.658.897.00 were awarded April 22, 2004. The Rural Development of Kansas presented the award of funds on Earth day. Hopefully the digging will start before or by spring of 2005. Kramer Engineering is in the process of drawing final plans up for Rural Development approval. When approved bids will go out on the project. If you have any questions on the sewer project please contact Craig Stokes at 620-347-8519.

April 22, 2004:  
USDA Rural Development presented a check for $1,658,800.00 to Crawford County Sewer District #3.

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