Franklin Community Council, Inc. has established an endowment fund through the Community Foundation of Southeast Kansas to serve as a source of funds for those programs which cannot survive on a solely volunteer basis. 

The endowment fund  provides consistent, dependable funding for maintaining our community projects such as the Community Center, Community Park,  Research and Repository for Historical Information, Community Promotions and Activities. 

Franklin Community Council, Inc.  also needs stable, long term resources to deal with day to day expenses such as postage, publication of newsletters, maintaining our website, etc.

Income from the FCCI Endowment provides our Board of Directors with dependable, known future resources to support our vital programs.    Stable funding will permit our committee chairmen to plan for the future.

As a  501(c)(3) not-for-profit entity, the Endowment Fund is a way to make tax-deductible contributions that help secure Franklin's future as well as preserving it's past.

You can help in any of the following ways:

A memorial fund has been established in the following names which will ensure funds are available to help secure Franklin's future as well as preserve it's past.   For a minimum $100 donation a fund will be established. The fund can be added to at any time and makes a nice remembrance for an anniversary, birthdate, remembrance of date of death, etc.   The fund  is not only for the memory of deceased loved ones.  It can be established in anyone's name.  Perhaps your business, club or organization or a graduating class would like to leave a perpetual remembrance. 

A contribution to the following funds can be made at any time and in any amount.
If you could like to establish your own endowment please do so
by using the form at the following link: 
  Donor Form

Charles R. Ales (2007)

Frank H. Ales (2007)

Henry Ashbacher  (2005)

Robert A. Brunch (2007)

Gladys (Perry) Burroughs (2010)

Mary (Ponce) Cukjati  (2006)

John & Mary Folker (2007)

Ray & Sandy Hamblin (2009)

Phil Harris Family (2008)

John Houck  (2007)

Jim Jones (2012)

Joseph Keller   (2005)

Don Kranker  (2005)

Leo & Marion Kobak (2008)

Frank & Anna (Cvelbar) Lipasek  (2006)

Lipovsek Family (2005)

Filip & Johanna (Franketi) Lipovsek  (2006)

Robert E. Luth  (2005)

McQueen/Hutchinson (2007)
Eva Palango  (2005)

Jack & Rose Podpechan Family (2007)

Joe & Susan Polhlopek  (2006)

Frank Pristave (2005)

Scepansky/Rae (2007)

Marguerite (Newbery) Shadix (2006)

Jack J. & Elizabeth Strukel Family (2009)

Jennie (Lampe) Strukel  (2006)

Clarence & Mary (Biederman) Sullivan (2006)

Veto Tassi Family (2007)

Kaye L. Webb (2010)

Gifts, Momentos and Lasting Tributes E-mail: memrylane@yahoo.com