P. O. Box 43
Franklin, Ks. 66735-0043

“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world. Indeed it is the only thing that ever has.”  Margaret Mead, Anthropologist

Franklin Community Council, Inc. was formed in October, 2003 for the purpose of organizing the residents of the community to work together to rebuild and restore the feeling of “home” and sense of “community“.

Mission Statement:  Franklin Community Council, Inc. is a non-profit organization dedicated to strengthening our community and surrounding areas both now and for future generations.  Our mission is to improve the quality of life within the community of Franklin and surrounding areas. 

We serve as a catalyst for change, an innovator to solve problems and will work to partner with other local groups and resources for solutions to current and emerging community needs   We encourage community participation that will result in successful responses to community challenges and opportunities.   We promote community-building programs and events that inspire community pride and unity. We provide individuals and businesses opportunities to make charitable investments that directly benefit the Franklin community.

Franklin Community Council, Inc.  seeks to be among the finest communities  in Kansas. It will provide effective, efficient and affordable services leading to a safe, secure and healthy community, an environment for growth, and promote a favorable quality of life.

Board Members, Officers and Committees








Guiding Principles
  • Provide opportunities and encourage growth.
  • Commit to continuous improvement in Community Relationships.
  • Build an atmosphere of team work whereby trust and integrity are evident.
  • Remember our future depends on our people in the Community.
  • Practice the art of serving the Community.
  • Conduct our business in a fair and honest manner.
  • Enjoy our commitment to the Community.
Guiding Objectives
  • To promote good planning.
  • Assist individuals and groups in achieving goals.
  • Make recommendations for civic action.
  • Inform others of upcoming issues, activities, projects and/or changes which may affect or have the potential to affect the Community.
  • Provide a forum for the discussion, deliberation and collaboration of Community issues.
  • To facilitate open debate.
  • Support individuals and organizations.
Short Term Goals
  • Sanitary Sewer System
  • Complete construction of  community park.  (groundbreaking October 8, 2004)
  • Place welcome sign at the north entrance to Franklin
  • Establish programs that involve all the residents of the community
  • Encourage volunteerism
Long Term Goals
  • Place banners on poles along 69 highway through town
  • Construct ballpark
  • Senior housing
  • Restore historic sidewalk that runs the entire length of Franklin
  • New Homes