March 18, 2007

Spring Arrives Early in Franklin, Kansas

Through a very generous donation by a Franklin resident who has been a huge supporter of Franklin Community Council, Inc. the balance on the community center has been paid in full.
Through his generosity we are now able to move forward with other projects that will benefit the community. 
We are truly appreciative of his wonderful gift to the community.  
Being a truly Great American he asked that no recognition be given.   
The gift was truly a “gift from the heart”.

 We are hankful for the generous gifts we have received from all our residents and friends which helped to pay off our debt on the Franklin Community Center.   
We appreciate the support these people have shown to our organization.  
We are dedicated to ensuring a bright future for the residents of Franklin, Kansas as well as providing programs that will benefit the entire area of Southeast Kansas.  
We pledge to continue our hard work and dedication. 


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