The following is a list of other currents needs. If you would like to donate any of these particular items or can help in any way it would be greatly appreciated.
  • Restoration of trees, shrubs, plantings (to include maintenance & upkeep)
  • Creation of habitat for animals
Community Park: 
  • Playground equipment
  • Playground surface
  • Parking surface (asphalt?)
  • Irrigation system
General Items:
  • Lawn Equipment
  • Concrete for floor in building for storage
  • Funds for preservation of items
Future Plans
  • Senior housing
  • Funding for programs for seniors, families, children, physical activities, social activities, etc.

Community Hall:
  • Blender
  • Mixer
  • Easel
  • Picnic Tables & Benches
  • Parking surface (asphalt)
General Maintenance
  • Insurance
  • Utilities
  • Upkeep & maintenance of buildings, grounds & equipment
  • Contribute to our endowment which provides consistent, dependable funding for maintaining our community projects such as the Community Center, Community Park,  Research and Repository for Historical Information, Environmental Needs, Community Promotions and Activities. 
Historical artifacts:  We were able to salvage many artifacts from the St. Philip Neri Catholic Church.   Many of those items need to be restored as well as a place to house them.  We have also received many historical artifacts from the community which will be on display in the heritage room of the new community center.   There are many needs (large and small).  Frames, copying of photos, archival storage pages, albums, display cases,  etc.    Anyone who would like to contribute toward this worthy cause can send a donation and be sure to mark it for "Historical preservation".  Many of these items will be  displayed in the new community hall.  Future plans call for a miniature school house to house the larger items.   We need donations toward saving the items as well as preservation of items.  

If you would like to help with any of our projects we ask that you send your tax-free gift to:

Franklin Community Council, Inc.  (FCCI)
P. O. Box 43
Franklin, Ks. 66735-0043

We would welcome cash donations or if your company can help with any of the above projects please contact Craig Stokes at 620-347-8519 or 620-249-1326 or Phyllis Bitner at 620-249-9333.

Spring Arrives Early
We are truly thankful for the generous gifts we have received which helped to pay off our debt on the Franklin Community Center.    We appreciate the support these people have shown to our organization.   We are dedicated to ensuring a bright future for the residents of Franklin, Kansas as well as providing programs that will benefit the entire area of Southeast Kansas.   We pledge to continue our hard work and dedication. 
See photos of our old fashioned "Mortgage Burning Party" which was held March 18, 2007.

Donations Received
$1,000+  Donors
In Memory of Frank and Anna (Cvelbar) Lipasek, Marietta, Ga.
Robert Luth & Wilma Hamilton, Mulberry,  Ks.
Miller Family Foundation, Pittsburg,Ks.

$1,000 Donors
Commerce Bank (Wendell Wilkinson, President), Pittsburg, Ks.
George & Earleen Fauvergue, Carl Junction, Mo.
Rick Scholes, Scholes Refrigeration, Heating & A/C, Girard, Ks.

Miscellaneous Donations
Frank & Frances Ales, Arma, Ks.
Josephine (Strukel) Arabia, Frontenac, Ks.
B & N Books, Nanette Krumsick & Betty (Ales) Devoss, Frontenac, Ks.
In Memory of Mary (Ales) Belmonte-  Ales family
Dorothy Bertoncino, Arma, Ks.
Scotty & Phyllis (Liposek) Bitner, Arma, Ks.
Charles Blatchley, Pittsburg,Ks.
In Memory of John Chelesnik, Franklin, Ks.
Ann (Kobak) Cox, Leroy, Al.
In Memory of Mary (Ponce) Cukjati, Arma, Ks.
Barry & Joyce Draper, Pittsburg, Ks.
In Memory of Alice Ellis
Nancy Fletcher, Arma, Ks.
Jason & Carolyn Johnson, Liberal, Mo.
Frank & Marie Kobak, Minneapolis, Mn.
Carol McDaniel, Joplin, Mo.
Joan Miller, Pittsburg, Ks. 
Paul & Doris Morlock, Franklin, Ks.
Jack & Doris Overman, Pittsburg, Ks.
P.E.O. Chapter AQ, Pittsburg, Ks.
Marilyn Peterson, Pittsburg, Ks.
Joe & Susan Polhlopek, Franklin, Ks.
Red Hat Gals, Crawford County, Ks.
In Memory of Dorothy (Karlinger) Smardo - Smardo family
In Memory of Dorothy (Karlinger) Smardo - Margaret Kennedy
Elizabeth Strukel, Girard, Ks.
In Memory of Mary (Biederman) Sullivan
Sam & Diane Umphenour, Pittsburg, Ks.
Charles & Kaye Lynn Webb, Pittsburg, Ks.
Josephine (Moutz) Widmar, Franklin, Ks.
LeRoy & Ann Younger, Franklin, Ks.
Tony & Ruth Zemlock, Pumpkin Center,  Ks.

Then                  And Now
Current Debt:
 (watch as our debt diminishes)
February 1 -  $68,702.79

July 29 - $59,043.78

December 1 - $55,651.04

January 15 - $53,161.04 

March 16, 2007 -  $0

We would like to thank Gary Lofts and  his Art 2 students (Shawn LaSota, Steven Cutshall, Jasmine Beacham, and Curtis Harlan) for designing and painting this sign for our community.  This is another sign of the true community spirit which shows that “community” is not limited by city boundaries.  We appreciate their hard work and creative spirit. 

We offer a tremendous amount of gratitude to Wendell Wilkinson, President of Commerce Bank in Pittsburg for helping kick off our campaign by donating the first $1,000.    Wendell had the honor of turning the first leaf green. 

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It is hard to believe it has been almost 3 years since the deadly tornado attempted to rip the soul from the community of Franklin.   That was not to be the case.   These past 3 years have been filled with exceptional accomplishments.

After seeing the ruins of the community in May, 2003 it was difficult to imagine that this tiny community could ever recover.  Due to the dedication of it’s residents and friends who took on the new role of “pioneer’s” the community has been resurrected.  Our dreams are being fulfilled almost on a daily basis.  

Our major goal to restore the community with a community center has come to fruition.   Construction of the beautiful new facility was completed in the fall and a grand opening was held November 6, 2005.  The facility has been the site of many wonderful community events, family gatherings, education programs and much more. 

A community park is now located at the center of town.  It sits on the very site of the former community hall.   In the early 1900s a school and playground stood at that exact location.   We can imagine the laughter of the school children 100 years ago, the sounds of music wafting from the windows as the dancers circled the floor.  We can almost hear the bingo numbers being called as church and community activities were held at this location.  It will now be the center of many new activities and those joyous sounds will once again ring in Franklin.

A storm siren will soon be located at the center of the community.   A welcome sign is now located at the intersection of 69 and 47.  

We have come so far and yet we still have far to go.   We received help from government funds, private donations and even noted actor/director Paul Newman.   Our conscientious group has spent every donation wisely.  We have plans and programs that will be of benefit to the community as well as the entire county.   

We are excited to know that many of our projects are either completed or nearing completion.    We are intent on focusing on our many new programs and activities which will benefit many.   Our accomplishments in the past 2-½ years have been nothing short of astonishing.  But now we must turn to our friends and neighbors.   We have a debt remaining of $68,702.79 on the community center.   

A fund raising  campaign is being launched to assure that the future of Franklin, Kansas is assured as part of the heritage of the forefathers who settled in this tiny community and as a living legacy to the children of the community.  Donations to this campaign will go directly into the paying off the debt of the new community center.
The success of the fund raising campaign is crucial to the future of this community.  While many, many volunteers have been working tirelessly in laying the groundwork it is now necessary to turn to our neighbors and ask for help.    All donations will be used 100% for paying off the debt.  

Many people within and outside the community have been working extremely hard on the community’s behalf to make this rebuilding effort a success.  Through the campaign, we hope to expand a philanthropic tradition that will benefit the community for years to come.

The fund raising campaign coincides with the dark, dreary days of winter.   The tornado tore through the community stripping not only the homes but the trees and left a bare and lifeless site.  Residents and volunteers anticipate the community being restored with new homes and vegetation.   We have a tree located at the new community center.    This tree represents the trees that were left standing after the tornado.  They appeared bleak and dead but as spring approaches we see tiny buds followed by green leaves forming. We hope to color our tree “green” through the kindness and generosity of our friends and neighbors.  As we reach each $1,000 mark another green leaf will be added to the tree.

We would ask that local organizations earmark a fund raising project and give a percent of the proceeds to our fund raising campaign.  We ask everyone to send their donation no matter how small to help us bring this tree to life.   As spring arrives our tree would surely be sprouting with green leaves due to the generosity of our friends and neighbors.

The trees in this community were stripped of their leaves when the tornado came through town but this did not take away the hopes and dreams of it’s residents.   Through hard work and dedication they have stood their ground and are giving new hopes and dreams to the next generations.  History is made by men and women who dedicate themselves to hard work.   The early pioneers came to this area and made history by their dedication just as this generation is doing now.  

Please send your tax-free gift to: Franklin Community Council, Inc. (FCCI), P. O. Box 43, Franklin, Ks. 66735-0043.   Checks can be made to “FCCI”.

We invite you to browse our website which will show the rebuilding and where you can read about the heart and soul of Franklin.   

                        --the spirit remains

If you would like to help with any of our projects we ask that you send your tax-free gift to:

Franklin Community Council, Inc.  (FCCI)
P. O. Box 43
Franklin, Ks. 66735-0043

We would welcome cash donations or if your company can help with any of the above projects please contact Craig Stokes at 620-347-8519 or 620-249-1326 or Phyllis Bitner at 620-249-9333.

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