County adds bridge to list of those needing attention
April 10, 2004

Morning Sun Staff Writer
GIRARD - Road and Bridge Supervisor Bob Davied approached the Crawford County Commission at its regular meeting Friday to request the addition of a bridge project to the five-year bridge plan.

Davied suggested adding the bridge located three miles west of Pittsburg and a half a mile south on 190th Street to the list of bridges to be worked on from 2004-2009.

"We need the project request forms filled out by you and submitted to Kansas Department of Transportation by April 21," Davied said.

According to Davied, he listed this bridge on the plan last year along with two others and this one was not approved at the time. This bridge needs to be included in the plan now, he said.

The commission approved the request and the form will be submitted to KDOT for approval and field tests before bid letting can begin.

In other new business, the commission approved two letters of conditions regarding financing for Sewer Districts No. 3 and 5 (Radley and Franklin).

According to Dale Yager, Rural Development specialist, the letters and conditions must be agreed upon by the commission before further consideration may be given to the application and before the loan can be closed. Conditions must be met by the county before bid letting, at loan closing, and after loan closing.

Loans will be made through the County's issuance of General Obligation Bonds. Loan amount for Sewer District No. 3 is $703,000 and Sewer District No. 5 loan amount will be $231,300. Both loans are payable over 40 years, with interest set at 4.33 percent.

Included in the conditions is a mandatory hook-up of all users in the sewer district and that each district must have at least 155 residential users.

In other business Friday the commission:

* announced that there will be no commission meeting on Tuesday due to commissioners attending the annual KDOT meeting in Chanute;

* approved a resolution stating that the county has complied with the closing of the solid waste temporary landfill in Franklin;

* announced a public hearing to be held on April 16 to vacate road in Dunkirk.

* announced a public hearing to be held on April 27 on the New Fire District in Crawford Township.

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