St. Philip's Final Days

Jerry and Candy (Toschi) Pitts have made a tremendous donation to the community of Franklin.   The Franklin Catholic Church is in disrepair and will be torn down. Jerry and Candy have donated everything we want of the building. This gift to our Community is wonderful. We can never thank them enough.

The brick will be used to make a memorial sign and historical display at the future walking park. The park will be located at the old hall site.   The Arma Boy Scout Troop will soon start on the walking park project.  Don Lipasek has volunteered his time and talent to restore the interior items from the church so they may be used in the new community hall.   Scott Crain of Pittsburg has volunteered to build the signs at the new community park.   The concrete items removed from the face of the church will be incorporated into the signs.   As plans progress there will be more information on this page.

 If you are willing to help with any of the projects please send me an e-mail. As you can see from the pictures this was no small task.   The items were very heavy but with the help of this caring group we were able to salvage everything with not one item being damaged.   The community of Franklin owes a great debt to the Toschi/Pitts family for their kind donation to the community and to this group of men who spent many hours removing the items.   The items could have been sold but through the Toschi/Pitts generosity these historical items will always remain a part of the community of Franklin.  Future generations will have the opportunity to see and touch these items and feel the spirit that lives on in Franklin.  

June 21, 2004:  Remaining interior items removed
June 25, 2004:  Historical items removed from exterior of church
August 23, 2004:  Beginning of demolition of church
August 24, 2004:  Bell tower comes down
August 25-27:  Remains of church are moved from site

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Day 1
August 23, 2004

St. Philip Neri