May 4, 2003

The spirit of this community shines as the rebuilding efforts take place. 
Volunteerism is evident in the every day acts of kindness and caring
toward neighbors and the community.

In fond memory of
Josephine Maghe
Nov. 15, 1915 -May 4, 2003

This website is dedicated to those who have made Franklin their home through the years and to rebuilding Franklin after the devastating tornado that struck May 4, 2003.   There were approximately 217 families in Franklin with a population of about 476.   Approximately 1/3 of the homes were completely destroyed by the storm as well as many more sustaining major and minor damage.    The tornado came directly through the middle of the town destroying the U.S. Post Office and the Community Center along with the homes.  
Donations  may be sent to:  (make checks payable to FCCI)
 Franklin Community Council, Inc.
  P. O. Box 43
 Franklin, Kansas 66735-0043  

100% of the funds will used for the rebuilding of Franklin.   There are no paid directors or officers.
Many, many volunteers have spent countless hours in planning for the rebuilding of the community.    

"We appreciate any donations large or small.  
Please help us keep "small town America" alive."

Justin Stone accepting the Pritchett Award said:
"The children of Franklin would like to thank
everyone involved for making a
park possible.  Thank you".
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Read the lyrics to the new song "Sweet Home Franklin, Kansas" composed by Shawn LaSota

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