2008 Community Work Day
September 20

A community work day is scheduled for September 20.     We will be assembling and installing park equipment, painting, lawn and garden work, repair work and general cleanup.  If time and manpower allows we will also work on the Franklin Sidewalk which is listed on the National Historic Register.   Lunch will be provided.  If you or your organization would be willing to help with this undertaking please call 620-347-4220 (Franklin Community Center & Heritage Museum) or Phyllis at 620-249-9333.   We appreciate all offers of help even if it's just an hour that you can give. 

We will assemble at the Community Park at 8 am  to chose from a list of projects to be taken care of.   We have some tools but if possible please bring tools (shovels, rakes, hammers, etc.)   We have a huge list of jobs to tackle so please do your best to spend this one day helping with community projects. If you are unable to help on that day but would be interested in helping please call the center and we can give you a project (playground equipment assembly, painting, etc.) which you can do on a day that is convenient for you.    

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